Lodge of Perfection – 4th through 14th Degrees

These are termed the “Ineffable Degrees” because they are concerned with the ineffable, or unutterable, name of God.

Chapter of Rose Croix – 15th through 18th Degrees

The 15th and 16th Degrees are referred to as Historical Degrees. The lessons of these degrees are drawn from the historic drama that transpired during the reigns of the great kings, Cyrus and Darius.

The 17th and 18th Degrees offer a new development of Masonic teaching and are a distinct departure from the teachings of the preceding Scottish Rite Degrees.

Council of Kadosh – 19th through 30th Degrees

The 19th through the 30th Degrees continue our Masonic education. These are termed the philosophical and chivalric degrees.

The Consistory – 31st and 32nd Degrees

The lessons portrayed in the 32nd Degree are an embellishment of our previous Masonic teachings and carry the greatest possibility of inspiring a person to pursue an active and rewarding Masonic life.

Inspector General Honorary – 33rd Degree

The 33rd Degree is bestowed as an honor on members for their hard work and accomplishments both in the Community and the Masonic fraternity. This degree can not be applied or asked for, it is an honor that given.